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Injury Prevention | April 18 2017

Patellofemoral (Is A Real) Pain!

Bad jokes aside, this is a common condition that presents to physiotherapy clinics the world over. Here is our take on managing it effectively.

Injury Prevention | April 18 2017

Best Treatments for Managing Osteoarthritis

Joint pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis can be debilitating and significantly reduce mobility and quality of life

Injury Prevention | April 18 2017

Heel Pain in Children – Calcaneal Apophysitis

Here at Mitcham Rehab we often see active young people with pain that can limit their participation in sport.

Injury Prevention | April 18 2017

Preventing Injuries to Avoid Your Physio

There has been a lot written about injury prevention in the scientific literature and there are a number of programs aimed at sports specific exercises .

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