March 28 2018

Pilates* or pies and lattes? While one option may be more delicious, the other option is definitely better for you! It may even allow you to eat more pies and lattes … ?

Pilates is well known as a form of exercise that, among other things, aims to strengthen your core, improve your posture and give you a legitimate reason to buy more Lululemon (it’s active wear for those of you scratching your heads)! But what many people do not realise is that it can offer so much more.

Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise that uses your body, or specialised equipment, to improve strength, mobility and control of movement. One of the most common applications of pilates is building core strength in order to rehabilitate or protect from injury. Building good core strength is more than just doing sit ups and Pilates ensures that you work in a way that builds strength without forgetting the control and stability required for proper function.

Pilates builds tone in muscles while maintaining flexibility and can push you to work hard whilst also focusing on breathing and mindfulness – no compensatory movements, no over straining, no post-workout tension headaches and no achy backs.

Feet in Straps Exercise” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sounds good right … ? So where can you do pilates … ?

Pilates classes are offered everywhere. You can do it in local gyms, fitness studios, pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics and even at the local park. In fact, the only place pilates doesn’t seem to be run is in local bakeries and cafes! These sessions can be a great form of exercise for anyone wanting to build their overall strength and fitness. So how do you choose where to go … ?

Pilates really comes into its own in a rehabilitation setting where a program specifically designed for you, by a physiotherapist, who has the knowledge of injury and pathology can progress you safely and effectively. This structured form of pilates, known as clinical pilates, is ideal for individuals with specific goals or problems such as low back pain, hip pain, headaches, postural pain or following a sporting injury or surgery.

Clinical pilates combines both mat exercises and exercises performed on specialised pilates equipment. This targeted approach caters for your individual needs and goals, as well as ensuring that you are performing exercises with the correct technique and movement patterns.

At our clinics we run equipment and mat classes as well as one on one sessions with our physiotherapists who have extensive pilates specific training. Our aim is to rehabilitate you from injury safely and get you moving better and stronger than you were before. This ensures you are not only recovered from injury but better protected against future flare ups.

So, the next time you’re relaxing having a pie or latte, have a think about whether clinical pilates is something that could get you fitter, stronger and moving better.

For more information on pilates with us, get in touch on (08) 8271 4122 or drop by.

*Due to the Health Insurance Reforms being applied from April 1 2019, our equipment and mat classes have been adapted to our new Strength and Stability Classes. For further information, please call our reception team.

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