Pilates method, involving our mat based and equipment classes, are an integral part of rehabilitation. Our physiotherapist led classes are used as a low impact form of exercise aimed at improving flexibility, strength and overall fitness.



Our Pilates studio caters for people at all stages of injury and illness and is a valuable part of our rehabilitation programs. Like many other forms of exercise, Pilates aims to improve joint mobility, increase strength, improve balance, improve posture and increase overall exercise tolerance.

Mat based classes are performed in small groups and lead by our Pilates trained physiotherapists. Following an initial assessment, participants join classes that are gradually progressed to improve spinal pain, spinal mobility, strength and overall capacity for exercise.

Our small group equipment classes are also physiotherapist lead and are individually tailored to attend to each participant’s injury needs. These classes are suitable for people rehabilitating from injury or for those wanting to increase their exercise tolerance.

Please contact our receptionists for details on class times and to organise a Pilates assessment.

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